Thank you for the use of stainless steel and other high grade materials from the seamless stainless steel bowl to the stainless-steel-gladded machine frame.



The complete range of PC vacuum fillers – with 12 to 40 valves-are very versatile for filling non-carbonated, free-flowing and viscous liquid, either hot or at room temperature. Basically, it is designed for filling wine, dairy products, fruit juice, edible oil, sauce and other liquid. Each product imposes specific demands on the filling process.

Standard and special shaped plastic and glass bottle can be used.

Main features:

  • Three-block : rinser, filler and capper are combined mechanically.
  • For PET bottles, bottles are handled by “neck handling”-a system without worm-screw.
  • Highly reduced overall dimension.
  • Easier control of the whole system.
  • Reduced number of operators on line.
  • Lower change-over time thanks to neck handling system.



The standard version is in AISI 304 stainless steel or, if requested, AISI 316 stainless steel is available. The bowl is provided with sight glass for visual checking of the liquid and an electric probe to adjust the minimum and the maximum level. With difference size of the bottle to be handle. An optional removable cover for easy inspection is also available.



The machine base frame consists of two parts. The upper part is made of stainless steel and the lower part mild steel which is covered by stainless steel sheet and mounted on adjustable support.

The base frame support all the star-wheels, rinser, filler and the capper.

The rinser, filler and capper are connected by junction plates ti the base frame and are supported by mild steel, Heavy duty structures. The main gears and the motion transmission parts are placed underneath the main structure. All of them are well protected and separated from the work area. However, it is still easily accessible. Simple designs and a combination of steel/plastic components ensure low maintenance cost, high durability and low noise level.



PET bottle are handled by the neck through the entire machine, from the rinser inlet to the capper outlet.

This allows simple bottle handling and reduces the numbers of changeover operations.

Furthemore, all the AISI 304 stainless steel star-wheels allow the best cleaning conditions.

Incoming bottles, arriving from the air conveyor, are transferred by their neck. Then, the neck grips installed underneath the rinser heads take the bottles by their necks and take them for rinsing.

Glass bottle are handled with infeed worm, synchronized with the motion of the stars and central quides. All of them are made of plastic materials, conveying the bottle perfectly towards the nozzle with noiseless operation.




  • Diferent types of gripper, either for PET bottle or glass bottles, can be installed on the rinsing machine.
  • Types of caps for the capper can be Screw-Caps, ROOP-Caps, Snap on-Caps, Crown Cork, Sport-Caps, Push-on Caps, etc. Bottleneck dimension range from 28 to 32 mm.



  • Frame and support constructed with Stainless Steel
  • Molds cup carrier Aluminum Alloy
  • Stainless steel panel with PLC and servo motor control and touch screen
  • Variable speed adjustment via servo speed controller
  • Chain stainless steel
  • For Tea, Juice, Coffee, Flavor Drink, Yogurt, Jelly, Dairy Product… etc.

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