Plastic Cup Filler and Sealer

Cup water packaging machine is the horizontal thermoforming packaging machine working properly in high capacities where the heating, forming, filing, sealing and cutting processes are applied in the systematic order. First, the cups are place on automatic cups dispenser, then the drinking product is filled into the formed cups with gravity fill at the desired volumes. Finally the formed and filled cups are sealed and cut. The formed, filled, sealed and cutted water cups are sent to the exit conveyor with pasteurize/cooling or direct to automatic or manual packing.
– Depending on the customer’s request, cartoning line with the application of robot system can fulfill your need.

– The expired date can be printed on top or bottom of the cups.

– It is possible to use printed packaging materials as the upper film. With the help of the photocell on the machine, the upper film is properly sealed on the cups.
– The capacity of machine can be make according to customer requirement, the machine might be designed and produced with maximum capacity 30.000 cups/h.
– The Speed of the Machine is 20 cycles / min. ( changes depending on the packaging material, product type, cup dimensions and weight.)
– Except the water, it is possible to fill the other products such as lemonade, tea drink, fruit yoghurt, fruit juice, turnip, etc.



  • Frame and support constructed with Stainless Steel
  • PLC controlled with servo motor
  • Individual Temperature Control For 2nd Mold Ensures The Sealing Quality
  • Touch screen
  • Variable Speed Adjustment via Speed Controller arrange with Servo drive
  • Custom-Made Filling System to Meet Different Purpose
  • Chain Stainless Steel
  • Filling tank Stainless SteelTo Meet Sanitation Standard
  • Mineral water, Tea, Juice, Coffee, Flavor Drink, Yogurt, Jelly, Water, Dairy Product… etc

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